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 Clan Handbook/Rules/Policy

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PostSubject: Clan Handbook/Rules/Policy   Tue May 27, 2008 4:29 pm

A. Clan Policy
-----1) Firstly, No faggotry. This includes but is not limited to:
----------a) Walking around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment
----------b) Egoing
----------c) Name calling
----------d) Excessive Tking
----------e) Immaturity
---------------Especially over clan chat. For example the phrase " B===D ~~~." This will result in me
---------------remarking "your virgin is showing" Then, we'll have someone promptly kick you if its a multiple offense thing.
----------f) Systematically trying to piss people off.
----------g) Trying to look cool.
----------h) Subtly suggesting you are better than someone.
----------i) Being an asshole.
---------------This can be anything from, "Hey fuck you" to "LOL look how mad i made them"
---------------Also includes: "Nah, i'm just pissing them off cuz its funny"
----------j) Don't call anyone "No-life" because they play this game. You fucking play it too.
----------k) Don't say stupid shit over clan chat. This includes begging for prems.
---------------This also includes begging for anything over clan chat with spam. Such as "Can i haz admin, can i haz admin, can i haz admin"
----------l) This list is very subject to change, this is just an idea of what the term faggotry includes.
-----2) Play a respectable game.
----------a) Don't tk (training games are excluded).
----------b) Do not hack
----------c) Do not swap.
----------d) That stupid flipping thing that you all do. It really pisses people off and makes you seem gay.
------------- Just don't do it.
----------e) Don't insult people, UNLESS they do it first. Cuz, then its hilarious.
-----3) Be Awesome.
----------a) Let other clans start the fights, THEN kick their asses and ego. Don't bait them first.
----------b) Take compliments in a non-gay way.
----------c) If you're going to be jokingly assholeish, you better be damn sure other people pick up on it.
----------d) If someone is an asshole first, you have all the permission in the world to destroy them, call them names, eat their children, etc.
-----4) Insubordination... Don't do it.
----------a) Obviously, pissing off an admin is a 1-way ticket out of the clan.
-----5) Stay Active.
----------a) People want to join Paramore. Sorry, but its true. So, if you're inactive, you're going to be victim to being booted to make room.
----------b) If you're going to be away and inactive for awhile, let someone know. We'll work with you.
B. Punishment
-----1) You get 2 warnings on the faggotry, then you is gone.
-----2) For hacking/Swapping, immediate kick.
-----3) For Insubordination you're prolly gonna get kicked immediately.
-----4) Admins have different limits on how much assholeness they can put up with. Watch yourselves.
-----5) We really jump on assholeitivity. So, if you're an asshole and its not funny, you're going to get kicked.
-----6) If you think you were kicked too quickly / unfairly, you need to contact us and apologize / explain what you did.
-----7) The clan is not a hotel, if you leave of your own will. You aren't coming back. Unless we really really love you.
C. Recruitment
-----1) For walk-in tryouts:
----------a) Must be level 45+.
----------b) Must speak decent english.
----------c) Must ask in a non-gay way.
-----2) For Admin invites:
----------a) If an admin wants someone in, they're in. End of story.
-----3) If a memeber invites a friend:
----------a) They will be given an immediate tryout regardless of level.
-----4) What we look for in tryouts:
----------a) An unfail personality.
----------b) Skillz.
----------c) Being funny is a good way to get in.
D. Clan Warring
-----1) To clan war, you must go with someone on the approved CW list.
----------a) This list updates every month.
-----2) The list is only a compilation of people that can send clan war invites.
-----3) To tryout for the list you must talk to an administrator.
E. Adminstrators
-----1) There are only going to be so many.
-----2) Don't beg the leader to be one.
-----3) Trial Administrators:
----------a) Exactly what the name suggests.
----------b) They have full rights to all administrator capabilities including Inviting, Kicking, and Cunt Punting.
----------c) They, however, are being judged, and you can tell on them.
F. Closing
-----1) any part of this rulebook can change at anytime, and you are responsible for keeping up with it.

K, thx.
And welcome to Paramore

How's your mind?
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Clan Handbook/Rules/Policy
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