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 Weird 2 am conversations.

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PostSubject: Weird 2 am conversations.   Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:45 am

Soooo I wuz like talking to this girl i hooked up with last year about her bicurious nature or whatever. She dated some chick for 2 years or whatever and is feeling confused atm. She hung out with her ex gf over break and also has been dating a dude for 8 months. She be tripping yo. And well there was this quote that i wanted to pull out for lulz.

[01:34] cricketrace: why the hell am i telling you this?
[01:35] Andrew: cuz i'm awake?
[01:35] Andrew: and freakin fantastically awesome
[01:36] cricketrace: yeah... you were pretty good.
[01:37] Andrew: o.o
[01:37] cricketrace: you read that correctly
[01:38] cricketrace: even though i did most of the work
[01:38] Andrew: <--- lazy
[01:38] cricketrace: duh.
[01:38] cricketrace: i just came in, laid on top of you, and went to work.
[01:39] Andrew: u left out the woke me up part
[01:39] cricketrace: oh yes.
[01:39] cricketrace: i did.
[01:39] cricketrace: Wink

I'm also having a racial conversation with my mexican christian hebrew friend about his japanese gf. Weee.

[01:27] Andrew: his female chinese friends come walking in with their big asian smiles carrying bags of rices

[01:21] IXMEWXI: hey did u know japos worship their dead relatives ?
[01:21] Andrew: lol
[01:21] IXMEWXI: i was like wtf ?
[01:22] IXMEWXI: fucking dia de los muertos all year long vato
[01:22] Andrew: haha
[01:22] Andrew: i was just gonna say
[01:22] Andrew: beaners do the same shit

She has the chemicals that make me fall in love.

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Weird 2 am conversations.
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