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 =o here's the deal

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PostSubject: =o here's the deal   Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:33 am

havent been on in almost 2 fuckin months the reason is due to me not having net but i did manage to get my hands on my old laptop and a wireless notebook card (got it for free too =D ) but the downside is i cant play gunz,watch videos,play music, basically anything fun or even download majority of the programs needed to run fun stuff ex. directx,flash player,etc. even though im "borrowing" someone's net atm its extremly shitty connection wise and speed wise. I'll most likely have my own net back sometime late november early december and my 360 back christmas (for those who played xbl with me or know my gt) until then i'll still try to get some programs on this laptop not vent though until i either fix my headset which my two kittens chewed the cord or I save up money to buy a new and better headset( yes i do realize the old one wasnt as good and ill try tog et one without the switchy thingy so i dont annoy the hell out of people) xfire ill try to get my hands on fosho unless i get my net back in time. Still gotta wait till end of junior year for my custom build if you wanna see it it's and uberclok ion just google that. er so yea that's basically it and if im not online for some reaosn mike has my cell number just text me idc so yea just thought i should've let you guys know wtf is going on.


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=o here's the deal
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