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 Note from leader

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PostSubject: Note from leader   Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:44 pm

Hello and welcome to Proven.

We are a respectable clan and one of the most well known clans on our home server, Quest 3. We were remade from the remains of the clan †Paramore, and brought everyone back together to make a more powerful and diverse clan.

The rules are very simple. We are a respectable clan so let us act like it. The word "noob" in any form is taboo when being used towards other players. If you are caught insulting another player 3 times you will be temporarily banned from Proven. We do not taunt players after we kill them (for ex. Laugh, Bow, Cry, Dance), unless we know they will not take offense to it.

Secondly, our rules on hacking / swapping are very strict. Those who hack will be reported and permanently banned from the clan. I am however less strict when it comes to curse filters, seeing as I feel that Ijji is becoming pathetic in the words that they choose to ban. So if you are using a curse filter you will not be banned. Swappers will be reported and permanently banned from the clan as well. We all worked for our levels, so we expect you to also.

Third, do not flip josh. He will get mad at you and you'll cry.

Fourthly, Phillip is pro. Don't forget it. He > Me.

Lastly, and most importantly. STAY ACTIVE! I can not stress this rule enough. I will not allow you to treat this clan as a hotel. If you have been inactive for a week and a half there will be a post on the Ijji website stating that you are going to be kicked unless you repoly. If you KNOW for a fact thaty ou will be inactive for a long period of time let us know via the message board.

Thank you.
If you abide by these rules you will last for quite a long time.
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Note from leader
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